Most packaged pre workouts are unhealthy and full of chemicals. Instead, chose a natural pre workout like yogurt, moringa, sweet potatoes, bananas and oatmeal, all of which promise to give you energy before a tough workout.
Moringa, ashwagandha and rosemary are three herbs that may help support mental clarity.
Feeling the festive spirit but still want to eat clean and green? Here are two vegan recipes that will take care of the holiday cheer yet keep you satiated and on the path to wellness.
Next time you wake up with a headache, consider drinking a cup of warm tea. Moringa, Earl Grey, green tea, rooibos and oolong are some of the best teas that will help provide relief for your headache, and keep you on a path to wellness.
If you struggle with gut issues like constipation, indigestion or diarrhea, adding moringa to your diet, drinking water, eating fermented foods and getting enough sleep all may help to improve the gut naturally.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a green powdered superfood is probably matcha. Originating in Japan, Matcha food and beverages have been around for a while now, but recently there has been a spike in popularity for matcha’s super green cousin, moringa.

This past year has been a whirlwind one for multiple reasons. As we wrap up 2020 and welcome the new post Covid-19 world, we predict the food trends that are in line to become popular in the coming year. Here’s what we predict will be the top 10 food and nutrition trends for 2021.

This past year the pandemic has slowed everything down. It has given us time, among other things, to re-think, introspect and reflect on how we, as a society, have contributed to its existence in the first place. More than anything, this pause has forced us to pay attention to our wellbeing and health.

New year’s resolutions are seemingly hard to abide by regardless of how realistic your goals are. Most of us are unable to follow through by the time the next year rolls around. However, promising to be a better version of yourself in the forthcoming year—even if it means taking a small step—can make a huge difference.

We look at how moringa tea enhances the results of intermittent fasting.  Intermittent fasting is a cyclical eating pattern where you alternate between periods of fasting and eating. This technique of fasting may be an excellent choice for a healthier lifestyle with increased energy levels, better sleep patterns, and reduced body fat.

This superfood is not just great for glowing skin, but also for healthy, lustrous locks.  The benefits of moringa powder for hair are multifold: Preventing hair loss and graying, moisturizing, containing frizz and providing all of the essential nutrients for a healthy scalp.

We look into four potential moringa benefits for men. Adding moringa to your diet may lead to improved heart and prostate health, diabetes symptoms and enhanced hormonal function.

We discuss potential uses of moringa that help manage and reduce symptoms related to diabetes. While moringa can be beneficial for overall wellness, it is currently being studied for its potential effectiveness in reducing symptoms associated with diabetes. 

Women, It’s Time to Sip your Health - Use the benefits of tea to improve your mind and body - It is important to sit back and take a few minutes to “me time” every single day. While doing so, sip a warm cup of tea for a healthy mind and body.

Benefits to a vegan diet - there are numerous benefits to a vegan diet including reduced water consumption, a healthier lifestyle and more sustainable way of life.

With its high amounts of nutrients, moringa is a healthier energy substitute to both coffee and sugary energy drinks. Rid yourself of coffee and caffeinated products and have more energy throughout the day

A an easy guide to learning about what makes our foods organic and the benefits of eating organic foods, and what to look for in organic foods.

Discover a new path to wellness and a healthier lifestyle. Feel more energized, motivated and discover new heights in happiness.

A healthy diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins is essential for keeping our immune system strong. Antioxidants can help to increase our white blood cell count, which is important as they are critical for fighting off infections.